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We invite you to save this date to avoid schedule conflicts for the weekend of August 4th-6th. Each year, Ket Doan Association hosts a summer camp to provide opportunities for young Vietnamese Americans (college students and young professionals) to come together, make new friends, participate in teamwork activities, and to forge new memories.

The theme of Ket Doan Camp 2017 is inspired by the historical imperial competition. Trạng Nguyên, or in literal translation “Champion”, was the title for the winner of the competition in feudalism Vietnam during the Ly, Tran, Le and Mac dynasties; a historically significant event in Vietnamese history for choosing the best candidate to serve the Emperor. During this competition, candidates throughout the country will compete in many aspects to prove their skills and intelligence. Ket Doan Camp 2017 will seek to relive history by staging 3 major competitions Thi Huong, Thi Hoi, Thi Dinh, and follow by a big game respectively. Each camper will be assigned to a ‘village’ and the goal is to seize the glorious title “Trạng Nguyên” for your village.

Registration Deadline & Camp Fee: Registration is first come first serve basis up to 90 campers ($70.00)

  • Camping seats are very limited due to the new location; your seat is not guaranteed until payment is received.
  • Camper’s registration will be removed if not paid by July 11, 2017. Registration fee will be $80.00 there after.
  • You will not get a refund for cancellation after July 11, 2017.
  • There will be absolutely NO onsite registration. Camp programs, t-shirt count, name tags, etc. are finalized before camp date.

Want it for FREE – refer 10 friends

  • Note: Your friend must put in your name in the comment box during registration and payment must be submitted in order for referral to count. Your registration must also be paid, we will refund you at camp.

Student Discount Available: Students will be reimbursed $5 at camp. A proper student ID must be presented during check in.

Camp rules

  1. Alcoholic beverages of any kind are prohibited. If we caught you, we will ask the states park patrol to escort you out of the campsite.
  2. Campfires are permitted only within existing steel fire rings. Grills are for charcoal use only.
  3. Cutting of trees and collecting of downed trees or tree limbs is prohibited.
  4. No guns or knives allowed at the campground.
  5. All motorized vehicles must be parked in designated parking areas.
  6. No smoking allowed on campground.
  7. Campers are expected to participate in all camp activities.
  8. Campers are not allowed to leave campsite. Once left the campsite, campers are not allowed to return.

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Location: Cabin Camp 5 Prince William Forest Park, Mawavi Rd, Triangle, VA 22172